Sex Toys & Disability

The World Health Organization now classifies sex as a fundamental human right, but many people living disabilities feel left out of the sexual conversation due to social stigmas and lack of education. In “Disability-Friendly Sex Toys? Oh Yes“, Tabutoys explores how assistive sex tech can help everyone experience more pleasure and bodily autonomy.

10 Cheap Sex Toys For More Bang For The Buck

Top 10 under 20 sex toys small

As sex toys have evolved into the mainstream, status brands like Lelo and Jimmyjane have raised the bar on luxury (and price) at a steady pace. Self-care may be worth the splurge, but not everyone can afford to toss a $250 vibrator in their Birkin Bag. (Have you checked out Austin rental prices lately?) If you think you can’t afford a sex toy, here’s some good news: You can still enjoy HOT self-pleasure, no matter what your budget! In “Top 10 Under $20 Sex Toys“, we list the best products that will deliver your O-face just as well as the luxury brands – at a fraction of the cost.

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New OVO Lifestyle Toys In Stock!

OVO Lifestyle Toys

Hitting the right spots has never been easier with OVO Lifestyle Toys. Carefully crafted in Germany for discerning vibrophiles, OVO products combine advanced technology with luxury materials. Every design has been created with body-safe materials and his/her pleasure in mind. With a collection including classic vibrators, love balls and toys with unique designs for the more adventurous, OVO has all your desires covered, and then some! Design elements include waterproof, rechargeable, and multi-function options. No matter what piece of the collection you choose, OVO is sure to fulfill your every desire.

Come find your OVO at Tabu Lingerie!

Let’s Get Weird

Top 7 Weirdest Sex Toys

As Austin hurtles towards faux-cool normality, old chestnuts like “Keep Austin Weird” are starting to sound like distant echoes from the past. What happened to our cheap rent, our prolific dive bars, our thong-wearing eccentrics?!! Well Folks, as one of the last remaining independent boutiques in Austin, we will continue to wave our freak flag least until it’s completely blocked out by a luxury high-rise. Meanwhile, we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the Top 7 Weirdest Sex Toys for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

KLBJ Celebrates National Onion Ring Day…with our sex toys.

On National Onion Ring Day,  KLBJ’s Mornings With Matt and Bob dares to ask one of life’s most profound questions: “Would you eat 4 onion rings off the end of a dildo to win a 4-Star meal?” Chuy would. BTW, who said 4 onion rings on a dildo isn’t a 4-star meal?

How Mornings with Matt & Bob celebrates National Onion Ring Day

How Mornings with Matt & Bob celebrates National Onion Ring Day

Best New Sex Toy Trends Of 2022

Best New Sex Toys 2022

Want to stay on top of new sex toy trends? (Yep – We went there.) As 2021 draws to a close, let’s take a look at what’s buzzing in the world of sex tech in’s Top New Toys of 2022. This year, the Clit-Suction Revolution shows no signs of slowing down. And, you’ll see a shift towards eco-safe toys with multifunctional capabilities. There’s no better time to clean out that dusty toy drawer and start the new year with a BANG.

Peach, PLEASE!

If you listen to the The Dudley and Bob with Matt Show on KLBJ FM you might have already heard about our VēDO Peach Remote Control Egg.

Curious about what all the fuss is about? What are you waiting for?!! Come meet the Peach in person at Tabu Lingerie or check it out online at


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Beyond Viagra: Options For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

What are our greatest fears? Public Speaking? Dancing? Flying? For many men, the answer is Erectile Dysfunction. In fact, a recent poll found that the average man fears ED problems more than “cancer and death.”

This isn’t without good reason – with over 18 million men in the United States affected by ED, we’re in the midst of a impotence epidemic.

Before panic sets in, it’s important to remember that having the occasional disappointing sexual experience is perfectly normal and occasional symptoms of ED are not usually a cause for concern.

For mild ED, the answer can be as simple as taking a pill your Doctor prescribes. But, before you go reaching for those “little blue pills”  here’s a common-sense guide for non-surgical, drug-free solutions for taking control of your sex life:

Cock Rings: Your First Line of Defense

Penis Ring

When it comes to occasional performance issues the Cock Ring reigns supreme. The reason? Circulation.

The erectile process is all about blood flow. During arousal the blood vessels carry blood to the penis, making it full and engorged.

The real problem is when the blood flows back out of the penis once you’ve achieved your erection.

Cock Rings act like a trap door, keeping the blood in the corpora cavernosa, allowing for sustained erections. Think of it like a tourniquet (for your dick.)

Simple to wear, Cock Rings are worn around the base of the penis, but they can also be worn around the penis and the balls or worn just behind the glans (the head) of the penis.

And, they aren’t solely used for ED. They can also be used to heighten sensation, enhance appearance, and amplify orgasms. Sounds good to us!

Penis Pumps: Harder, Thicker, LONGER.

Penis pump

Let’s start with a hard truth: Erectile Dysfunction sucks and so do vacuum pumps.

But, before you write them off as a novelty or the source of an Austin Powers joke, you should know that Penis Pumps are a safe and incredibly effective option for restoring penile function.

The reason for this is simple suction: Penis pumps work by creating a vacuum inside a cylinder. As you pump, air is drawn out of the chamber, causing the penis to engorge and harden as more blood flows to the area.

Still on the fence? Here’s 3 great reasons for pumping up: With practice and correct use, Penis Pumps can give most men with mild ED an erection sufficient for sex.

Secondly, the overall cost is lower than many other treatment options. And last but not least – they can temporarily increase your penis size.

During the pumping process, you’ll force more blood than normal to the penis. For some men, this means getting a bigger, harder erection than normal. The jury is still out on long-term benefits, but what man doesn’t want to “get swole” when the time is right?

 Penis Extenders and Strap-Ons: Kind of a big deal. 

Male Strap-On

If cock rings, pumps and pills don’t work, don’t hang up your spurs just yet. Remember, making love doesn’t always have to mean penetration and there are great alternatives that take the focus off your penis like oral sex, manual stimulation and sex toys.

You can also get back in the action of good ol’ fashioned intercourse with the help of an Extension or a Male Strap-On. So what’s the difference between the two?

For starters, Penis Extensions are primarily designed to augment length and girth.

The Pro’s: Comfort! Made from soft materials that stretch over an erect or semi-erect penis, they’re textured internally and externally to create more stimulation for both partners during sex.

The Con’s: While Penis Extenders are perfect for men who experience occasional performance hiccups, they don’t possess the rigidity to allow a flaccid penis fit inside them during intercourse.

Unlike a penis sleeve, a Male Strap-On is more like a firm, hollow dildo, making suitable for men with severe ED.

The Pro’s: No erection required! And because they are usually designed with adjustable straps they stay on securely – even with deep thrusting.

The Cons: Reduced sensation for the wearer. And, because Hollow Strap-Ons have to be thick enough to accommodate the average penis on the inside, they tend to be far thicker on the outside.

No matter what option you choose, have fun with it! And once you’ve tried sex toys for erectile dysfunction and still struggle with it, it may be time to make an appointment with your doctor.

ED could be a sign of a more serious physical condition that requires medical treatment, such as heart disease or diabetes.

Talk with your doctor about possible underlying causes and what your options are!

Looking pro-ED products for men in Austin? Visit us at Tabu Lingerie – 9070 Research Blvd, 204A where we carry an extensive line of penis sleeves, extensions, strap-ons and other fun toys for men. 

Every girl loves a WOMANIZER

Womanizer Clit Toy

For men, there’s Viagra. For women, there’s the WOMANIZER.

Looking for a completely different orgasm experience? Meet the Womanizer – a sex toy that’s completely revolutionizing the vibrator industry with Patented Pleasure Air Technology.

The Womanizer has achieved cult status thanks to countless reviews and mentions in Elle, Cosmopolitan, Self, and Oprah Winfrey’s O magazine, and here why: Touchless Stimulation.

Unlike a vibrator that can quickly overstimulate or deaden the clit, the Womanizer uses gentle suction and pressure waves that feel like the most skilled oral sex you’ve ever experienced.

Beautifully designed with individual color combos, a crystal mode button and elegant storage box, this high-tech luxury toy makes a thoughtfully sexy gift for the woman in your life.

“Induces powerful orgasms in a shockingly short amount of time..” – Lifehacker.

Ovo Lifestyle Toys

Ovo Lifestyle Toys

Looking for a better pleasure brand? Meet OVO.

Who is OVO?: OVO is a pleasure product design house based in Germany, that creates elegant and intelligent designs that are both contemporary and innovative.

Refined Quality: Made of silicone and designed and engineered in Germany, all OVO products are backed by a 15-year warranty, and the materials used are body safe and phthalate-free.

Form follows Inspiration: Recognized by over 117 of the world’s most prestigious design awards, no other sex toys company has received as many accolades for product design achievement.

Product Range: With a diverse selection of Vibrators, Couple’s Rings, Rabbits, Bullets and Kegel Products, OVO truly has something for everyone.

ovo lifestyle  toys

Come see the the entire OVO line for yourself!

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