Fire Up Your Bachelorette Party!

Let’s face it: bachelorette parties can get a little rowdy, especially when we are with friends. There’s just no escaping a group of close friends getting their minds in the gutter when celebrating the bride-to-be’s incoming marriage and sworn commitment to one dick (or pussy, it’s 2024!) forever.

May it be a destination bachelorette party or a local bachelorette party, we all know that the bride-to-be and her gals are bound to have fun in bars, clubs, and even on vacation rentals—because we’re adults, and we can do whatever we want (safely and with consent, of course!)

So, let’s all drop the stigma surrounding naughty bachelorette parties and put your perception of a woman out of the box because here are some naughty party ideas for you and your girlfriends:

You came, You saw, You conquered

Naturally, what’s a bachelorette party without penis-themed decorations and aggressive “bride-to-be” tokens? Obviously, we want people to know that you’re celebrating the dawn of marriage with your fave gals!

Get in the mood by filling up your bachelorette party bus or vacation rental with penis-themed decorations, party games and supplies (you heard me right, girl!). Curate a fun and naughty atmosphere for the gals because, let’s be honest, bachelorette parties are a send-off for the bride-to-be. Your friends also need this one last crazy party before your dynamic changes forever.

So, wear cheeky matching bachelorette typography shirts with your ladies and get in the theme; you are all the main characters for the weekend!

Chains and Whips? Exciting

Mother Rihanna didn’t sing “S&M” just for you to shy away from kinky games, girlie!

There are a number of kinky games you and your girlfriends can play while your bachelorette party bus travels to the next club.

From tame Sexy Guys Playing Cards to a literal handjob toy machine, there is absolutely no reason for the group to stay away from racy games. It’s a great way to keep a lively mood as you drink and party in the comfort of your bachelorette party bus or vacation rental!

And, if the bride-to-be is into it, you can hire a couple of hunky male dancers to perform a bachelorette hazing show for her. Surprise her with a costumed male stripper and fulfill her wildest fantasies! You can easily find local bachelorette exotic dancers who would love to perform dressed as hot cowboys, come to your party location pretending to be cops or pizza delivery guys, and then blow your bestie’s mind with sizzling lap dances and hip gyrations. Don’t be afraid to get naughty, wink-wink.

You can also play drinking card games–naughty edition, of course–and have fun discovering your bestie’s wildest fantasies, fetishes, or crazy attempts at seducing men. Girls can refuse to answer, but they’ll have to take a shot. What is discussed at the party stays at the party!

Experience Eye Candy Hosting

And the crowd goes wild…Technically, having a male stripper in your bachelorette party invokes two distinct feelings from people: judgment and curiosity.

Strippers always get a bad rep as they are regularly conflated with escorts, but the truth is strippers are exotic dancers. They are for your eyes only!

Nowadays, male strippers aren’t just muscular guys taking off their clothes… Professional bachelorette male strippers enhance the group’s party experience by being proxy hosts and food and drink servers (the girlies should focus on having fun!)

Additionally, male strippers are prepared with party games you and your gals can participate in! You can even request your male strippers to cosplay some career professionals and fictional characters.

Hello, what’s wrong with a sexy firefighter serving you ice-cold cocktails?

Pack up “Souvenirs” for the Honeymoon

Seriously, a kinky bachelorette party can’t possibly end with the bride-to-be empty-handed.

Look out for your bestie by gifting her sexy toys for couples and kinky outfits she can share with her partner back at home.

Cast a kinky open forum as the gals gift the bride-to-be with sexy items that they think resonate with her personality and character. Treat it like a bonding game and see who knows the bride-to-be best—heck! You can even be a harbinger of adult toys that you think the bride-to-be hasn’t explored yet.

TL;DR, you can plan and celebrate your bachelorette party however you want! We’re all consenting adults here; so if you want to color your bachelorette party with kinky hues, who’s gonna stop you? Obviously, not us!

Liz Hahn is the founder and CEO of Bad Boy Strip, a one-stop shop for bachelorette parties that offers everything from customizable party packages, bachelorette party plans, and itineraries to professional male strippers and entertainers. She’s been in the party planning industry for over 30 years and knows how to deliver the Ultimate Bachelorette Party experience.